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Collins Farm

Locally grown fun!

Enjoy the fresh air, delicious food, and outdoor adventure at Collins Farm Corn Maze! Or stop by the farm for fresh produce, beautiful garden and potted plants!

You could win tickets to see METALLICA perform LIVE!


Previously voted the #1 Corn Maze in New Hampshire!             

13 acres - Hidden checkpoints and Trivia - Tons to discover!


Flashlight Maze

Experience the maze in a completely different light! Or rather, lack of...​Navigate       the darkness and find all 6 checkpoints as well as the answers to the Trivia      questions! 

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HAUNTED Flashlight Maze 

  Grab a flashlight and prepare to scream! Try your best to find all   11 points in the   maze as live actors and animatronics stalk terrify you! Our most popular event!​ 



Awesome stuff for an awesome you!

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